Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"I'm the CATman!"

My boy is the Pied Piper of kitties. I didn't think anything of it when our own cats seemed to like A... they're our cats; I would HOPE they would like him. Catcher was a fan of curling up with my very pregnant belly and Mitten is an all around lover. But then we went to Best Bud's house. Best Bud's two cats nuzzled right into A's hand and were rubbing up into him too.

He is really good about petting them too--we've been practicing on Mitten since he was about 2 months old. He sometimes grabs her fur, but most times, he pets her very nicely. We try with Catcher as well, but he often runs away first.

We noticed today that Mitten turned her back to all of us. I read somewhere that this is a sign that a cat trusts you, so M said "Wow, she trusts him!" because A was right at her tail.

I know that children are naturally interested in animals, but it's so interesting to see that they are interested in him too!