Monday, December 3, 2007

4 month appointment

So, we didn't get a three month appointment. We were told at the two month appointment to come back in December... I asked, "What about a three month appointment?" and was told to come back at four months. Apparently, we WERE supposed to have a three month appointment and there was some kind of mix up. So we technically had the THREE month physical and shots today and will have the FOUR month physical and shots in two weeks.

Anyway, A weighs 14 pounds, 12 ounces (50%). He is 26" long (75-90%), and has a head circumference of 16.5" (50%). The doctor thinks A is going to be tall, based on his height now.

She recommended that M and I get the flu shot, since A is too young to get it. Probably a good idea--who knows what M will bring home from work.

She said his cold isn't too bad, and that it could be to blame for his night wakings recently.

Last night, he fell asleep on M around 7:30. We took him to bed at 8:30 and fed him. He woke again a little before midnight. I went in and held him and put him back in the crib still awake. He was very quiet and went back to sleep. At 3:30, he woke again and I fed him... right back to sleep again. He woke at 5:30, and once again I cuddled him, and he woke for the day around 7:30.