Sunday, December 16, 2007

The world's newest Catholic

What a day today was. We woke to a very white yard... uh oh, this might mean trouble. A's great aunt was the first to call--What's it like there? Well, we didn't get a lot, but it's all icey slushy junk. She didn't want to make the trip; with a 2 hour drive in good weather, it's definitely for the best. Then one of his friends couldn't make it either.

OK, well, the important people were definitely coming--all of A's grandparents would be there no matter what and so would his parents and Godparents. Of course we wanted EVERYONE there, but definitely those people needed to be there. But wait... A's Godfather lives in the Poconos... what were they getting?

Apparently, something like 5 inches of snow. They made the trek, with three kids in two, no less. We were nervous he might not make the ceremony, but got there about a 1/4 of the way through.

The baptism went really well. A did great through it all--he was so happy and "talking" to my dad behind us. For whatever reason, our family was in the first family row, so they didn't have anyone but the Godparents blocking. It was fantastic. We thought the ceremony was very nice, and the best part was that our whole family was able to crowd around the baptismal font to see! My Godson must have gotten bored and came up to sit with us during the ceremony. It was very cute.

A looked great in his little sweater vest and cords. A woman in the store told me that cords were no way dressy enough for a baptism, but I think it was just great (even with the cargo pockets in the cords!

Our restaurant choice was much food and everyone really enjoyed eating family style. It was great to see everyone and spend time with them too!

In all, a wonderful day.