Friday, December 28, 2007

First night away from Baby.

So M and I went to Atlantic City to see my BFF and her hubby. We left the boy with his best bud for the night. We were worried--he has been so fussy for such a long time and he was not so great with "strangers" on Christmas Eve that we just didn't know what he would do. Apparently, he missed us for about an hour then was happy to be with Best Bud. Best Bud got some cool new toys for Christmas; far better than Baby Feisty's Dr. Seuss figurines!! HA!

So, we get the boy back home and he is a dream child. He started smiling at us again and we even got a giggle. We need to send him to Best Bud's mommy more often!


Erica said...

LOL they had a great time! Landon was a super happy baby the rest of the day too!