Thursday, December 6, 2007


We got some serious snow yesterday (more than a dusting), and it's stuck around. I took A out with me yesterday to get the mail. We put on his new jacket (6-12 months size--too big!), and hat and mittens set (also 6-12 months size--the hat is too big!) and took a picture of him in the snow.

This is the best one of both of us, and you can see the snow whizzing by our faces:

As I think I said in a post yesterday, it was a big scream fest yesterday. He wasn't happy being bundled up, but once we were outside, he didn't yell or scream at all. Dunno if the house was too warm or if he just really loves to be outside, but if today's screamfest continues (and it's only 9:30), we'll do it again.