Monday, January 28, 2008

6 month pictures

I got a freebie for an 8x10 so I figured "free is for me!" and got his 6 month portraits done. I also ended up getting some Valentine's Day photo cards, which will probably be coming to a mailbox near you soon. It's a different picture than the one here. I call it "A's Harry Potter shot" because of the Harry Potter esque hair.

They took some incredibly cute shots, but at $18 a pose, ain't no way that was happening. I took a few on my cell phone of the images (sshhhh) but have yet to get them on the computer. Some of them were simple naked baby shots, which were very cute, but we can totally recreate them on our own for FREE. All it takes is a naked baby (got it) and a white sheet (easy to get it) and we're golden.