Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What I'm worrying about this week

  1. Going organic. I read an article about it and have seen all the hype, so now I wonder if I should be feeding A organic foods. I asked M what he thought, and he said it's probably not super important for fruits and veggies, but that maybe we want to take a look at hormone free milk and meats.
  2. Cleaning greener. Our home is a huge energy waster, since it is a little bit older. Since this is so damaging to the environment, I'm trying to find ways to help the environment elsewhere.
  3. Lead paint. After the recent recalls, one really can't be sure of what's in paints. Of course, A is putting his mouth on EVERYTHING. In addition, the new pediatrician had something on the form about lead paint and older houses.... we have a mark on A's file because we live in an older home.
  4. The NH primaries. I was going back and forth between two candidates and then made my choice. Now it looks like I might not have that choice in November... time shall tell, though.
  5. Why won't this kid eat his peas?
  6. I'm worrying about F.
  7. I'm starting to worry about finding a new job for September.