Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

A did well last night--we had some friends over to celebrate the new year in a super low key, brand new parents (well, at least for us) way. He was fighting a cold but still tolerated being held by someone other than his mommy or daddy.

Proof positive that there is a power in children...he's fascinated by them!

As I said, he is still fighting a cold. This one is mostly in his chest, but he's starting to develop a runny nose. Since best bud was diagnosed with a mild case of RSV (Click here if you want to know what it is), and A stayed there a few days ago, I made my first call to the pediatrician. On New Year's Day, she called back within an hour, which is reassuring! M answered the phone, and she just advised us to give him lots of steam to try to clear up his congestion.

The poor boy, though... he has been sleeping SO MUCH the past few days; it's just unbelievable. For example, this evening he napped from 7-8. At 8, we got him out of bed and brought him downstairs while I finished a show. Then, just a few minutes later, we took him up, gave him his bath and did the bedtime routine. He went to sleep very quickly, only half an hour after waking.