Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We have a new pediatrician!

We chose our former ped based on a friend's recommendation. We liked her well enough when we met her late in the pregnancy, and so went with her.

Around the second time we met with her, I started telling M I was thinking of changing doctors. There wasn't anything tangible, but I was a little hesitant about some of her advice. I liked her a LOT, but as a doctor wasn't so sure. He suggested that we stick it out a little longer.

Then, a few things started to happen. First, at the 2 month appointment, we were scheduled for our next appointment... in December. I asked at that time, "Don't we get a 3 month appointment?" and I was told no. Fine, ok. So I came home and looked at the immunization schedule, and sure enough it said there should be a 3 month appointment. Fine, ok. I didn't call about it... my fault, I know. So, we go to our December appointment, and I was told that it was his 4 month appointment and that he'd be getting his 4 month shots. I asked when he'd be getting the listed 3 month shots. I was told that he was supposed to have a 3 month appointment and that I'd have to come in again in 2 weeks for his 4 month shots (she'd give the 3 month shots that day). Ok, a simple mix up.

Next, we went for A's 5 month appointment last week. He had a little sniffle. Despite having received shots in early December with a worse cold, I was told that he could not receive shots when he was sick. They treated that visit as a sick one. I had called the doctor a few days before to make sure it wasn't RSV, so knew it wasn't a cold about which I should be worried. I would have to come back in a week to get the 5 month shots and have him checked for his cold.

That was just the final straw. We have a new insurance plan, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to switch (even though the old doctor accepts the new insurance). (In addition, the friend who recommended her is also switching, although that's neither here nor there).

So, I looked in the big book of providers and found the practice of the doctor who treated A in the hospital. We liked him a lot at that time, so I figured his practice would be a good one to check out. In addition, it's much closer to our home.

So, we met with the new doctor yesterday (not the one from the hospital, but a doctor in the same office.) He's youngish and talks fast. More importantly, when I asked about starting A in swimming lessons, he said "Absolutely do it." Then he told me about what he and his wife did with their kids, and then said that the AAP says to wait on this. A doctor who gives advice based on his own beliefs, not necessarily the recommendations of the AAP--exactly what I want. He also told me what his family did when it came to solids. Then he told me that at this age, A will be eating SHOES, so not to worry about what dirt and crud goes in his mouth... lol.

Finally, he said that in an emergency situation, he and one of the other doctors see patients in their homes. This seems to me the closest thing in our modern world to a house call, and far better than a trip to the ER for sure.