Monday, January 28, 2008

Eaten posts

I wrote this big long thing the other day, with a smorgasbord of what's been going on--the swim class that occurred without us making it in the pool, the beginnings of crawling, and some other stuff--but it didn't load and I can't remember what I wrote.

So, in short:

Thursday we went to swim class. The babe was apparently tired since he started sucking his thumb (our clue that it's naptime). He started crying as soon as I took off his clothes and pretty much didn't stop. I nursed him twice to no avail. The class began and he still didn't stop crying, so I started to dress him again and put him in his seat and he stopped.

I requested a different time slot in the hopes that it would work better for his nap schedule... our first time at the new time is tomorrow morning.

As far as crawling goes, we are making progress! He is doing great at lifting up his chest and sometimes even gets himself onto his knees. When we put A on his knees in the crawling position, he often screams, but it sometimes works and he can hold the position for a few seconds. He is also able to slide himself backward. I took some video of this, which I will upload some other time. I think he needs to hang out with Best Bud a little more (he's a crawling machine!) because A does a little bit better at it every time he sees him.