Friday, January 11, 2008


We had a playdate today. Best bud is crawling already! And pulling himself up to standing (just about). YIKES! I don't envy Best Bud's mom at all! Speaking of whom, A just LOVES Best Bud's mom... she can make him smile nearly every time. It's so cute!

I can't help but compare A and Best Bud. They're so close in age, Best Bud sets a good benchmark. They are about the same height, but Best Bud is definitely heavier--he's very solid. Their feet are about the same length, but Best Bud's hands and feet just look so much bigger.

Then there's Prom Date. She's so petite; her mom says she's smaller that some two month olds--at nearly 5 months! But, she holds her own against these two boys, as you can see on the shutterfly page. She's not quite able to hit them back (or pull their hair), but soon enough she will be!

I continue to be amazed that these three are on nearly the same schedule--they all wanted to eat at about the same times and they all wanted to nap at about the same times. Weird, but very cool for Mommy Socialization time!